Designer Rugs Photo Shoot in Fred International Sydney

The Fred International Sydney showroom played the perfect part as the backdrop to the new Designer Rugs collection – Transient; a journey through time, materials, pattern and emotion.

The contrast between a demure background of Scandinavian furniture and clean minimalist accents helped to bring out the unique personalities of each rug, evolving into a playful myriad of textures and tones.

Together with the talented team at Designer Rugs, we infused an animated energy to the Sydney showroom space and highlighted the new Transient collection in its best light; a true symbiosis of style.

Featured in order of appearance:

Bollo Armchair by Andreas Engesvik for FogiaDrum Table by Swedese.

Astoria 15 Arms Light from Rubn LightingLamino Chair by Swedese.

Saxe Easy Chair from By LassenBoss Cabinet by Bo Westerdahl for Fogia