U Model

Designed to be used either as a single fixture or arranged in an infinite line of indirect light, the U-Model is a modular system that delivers visual comforts for offices or public spaces. Its design follows Anour’s focus on harmony between lighting and interior.

Enabling users to control the indirect light, the U-Model offers a functional solution to generate or accent lighting for spaces alike. Finished in black for a dramatic ceiling contrast.

Price Guide : From $2013.00
Availabilty : 10-12 weeks


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Arash Nourinejad Denmark


W 150 cm  H 20 cm

W 200 cm  H 20 cm


Black aluminium 


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Arash Nourinejad

Arash’s Persian roots and Danish upbringing influence his company’s products and policies. The company name – Anour – means ‘light’ in Farsi, and the design of his lamps reflect traditional Danish values of simplicity and sustainability. Arash claims that the secret to Scandinavian success in the design world can be summed up in two words: “no nonsense”. Rather than incorporating excessive design features into products, the he focus' on crafting the essentials with quality.

To Arash, the word ‘simple’ does not mean settling for the ordinary. Arash strives to create or exceed trends, not just follow them. He reveals, “I combine rare materials made by one of the last braziers in Copenhagen with new materials on the market.” This mix of old and new differentiates Arash’s designs from competitors in the lighting industry. 


Arash defines sustainability as the creation of something that lasts. He says, “I hope to create a product that people cherish enough to restore.” He also hopes his product will become a classic design icon for future Scandinavian designers. Sustainability also incorporates quality. Arash ensures that each lamp is handcrafted to perfection through his employment of a traditional Danish brazier who has worked with brass, copper and bronze materials for decades. This expert brazier implements the natural colouring processes of browning, oxidising and polishing to ensure the lamps’ quality do not deteriorate over time.