Introducing Sundowner by Jørn Utzon.

3DaysofDesign saw the launch of an iconic pendant, the Sundowner by Jørn Utzon, designed in 1948.

With its dynamic design, the Sundowner pendant, from LYFA, expresses a clear linkage to the unique shell structures that have adorned the Sydney Harbour for over half a century. Affectionally named ’Sundowner’ after the Australian tradition of having a drink as the last rays of light disappear over the horizon and relaunched in three sizes and four colour combinations.

The Sundowner is a nod to Australia, our history and our connection with Denmark through the brilliant architect Jørn Utzon. And we were lucky enough to have Jan Utzon, the son of Jørn, launch Sundowner in the Brdr Kruger showroom at 3daysofdesign.