Mazo launches Yuki lamp and Fer tables.

News from 3DaysofDesign. 

Mazo presents their collection and new launches as classics of tomorrow in a ’new modernist' home during 3DaysofDesign in Copenhagen. The organised mid-century living room meets a modern homeowner inspired by modernism. The new modernist remembers where we come from but looks to the future and places Mazo in a modern and honest reality where classic elements of modernist design are updated with a palette of contemporary materials and rich exclusive textures and colours.

The event was fun and fabulous. The designs and curation of the space captured Mazo.

New launches include FER - a new table series for the living room, YUKI - a table lamp in glass, and RAE - a sculptural mirror for the home.

New Hans Bølling Collection.

Brdr Krüger and The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) present the exhibition ‘The Home of Hans Bølling' at 3Days of Design in Copenhagen.

A beautifully considered and curated event by architect and Artist Sara Martinsen and one of our favourites at 3DaysofDesign.

A new lounge chair, a stool and a coffee table inspired by the Bolling tray table, designed in 1963. Built to last in the Brdr. Krüger 5th generation workshop in Denmark.

“I am extremely proud to be able to present three new pieces of furniture that I feel convey pure architectural lines and details, which create human connections and a breeding ground for good living.” Hans Bølling.

Living Icons featuring DUX

News from 3DaysofDesign. 

LIVING ICONS featuring DUX was held at Galerie Mikael Andersen in Copenhagen during 3DaysofDesgin.

A new addition to the Fred collection of brands, Duxiana (or DUX) is a pioneer in the field of comfortable beds and iconic furniture. DUX creates collections that last for generations, focusing on timeless aesthetics and sustainable design. Their collection includes design icons such as the Jetson, Karin and Pernilla armchairs by renowned designer Bruno Mathsson. Nordic materials with wonderful textures and a natural colour palette combined to achieve refined harmony. 

The exhibition LIVING ICONS, curated by Pernille Vest, was understated and perfectly beautiful. Sometimes less is more.


Introducing Sundowner by Jørn Utzon.

3DaysofDesign saw the launch of an iconic pendant, the Sundowner by Jørn Utzon, designed in 1948.

With its dynamic design, the Sundowner pendant, from LYFA, expresses a clear linkage to the unique shell structures that have adorned the Sydney Harbour for over half a century. Affectionally named ’Sundowner’ after the Australian tradition of having a drink as the last rays of light disappear over the horizon and relaunched in three sizes and four colour combinations.

The Sundowner is a nod to Australia, our history and our connection with Denmark through the brilliant architect Jørn Utzon. And we were lucky enough to have Jan Utzon, the son of Jørn, launch Sundowner in the Brdr Kruger showroom at 3daysofdesign.