DUX 303 Mattress

DUX 303 is DUX's newest mattress bed with an integrated Pascal system to customise comfort zones. This is their first frameless mattress designed to go into your bed frame. The high level of comfort stems from the interaction between two DUX innovations – the DUX spring system with thousands of interconnected coils and DUX's unique Pascal system.

Depending on the bed size, the Pascal system contains up to six cassettes divided according to the body’s three comfort zones – shoulders, hips, and legs. Each zone can be adjusted to be soft, medium, firm or extra firm, allowing the bed to be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Available in a range of widths and lengths from 80x200cm up to 210x220cm.

Availabilty : 18 weeks


designer country of origin warranty


Available in European Sizes:

W 80cm / L 200cm
W 90cm / L 200cm
W 90cm / L 210cm
W 90cm / L 220cm
W 105cm / L 200cm
W105cm / L 210cm
W 105cm / L 220cm
W 120cm / L 200cm
W 120cm / L 210cm
W 120cm / L 220cm
W 140cm / L 200cm
W 140cm / L 210cm
W 140cm / L 220cm
W 160cm / L 200cm
W 160cm / L 210cm
W 160cm / L 220cm
W 180cm / L 200cm
W 180cm / L 210cm
W 180cm / L 220cm
W 210cm / L 200cm
W 210cm / L 210cm
W 210cm / L 220cm


Double-spring mattress with natural latex and two layers of 10cm and 12cm springs

Pascal system – easy adjustment of comfort zones from soft to extra firm

Number of springs in 90x200cm is 2004

Leather details

Replaceable topper in latex

Mattress height 34cm


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