Duxiana of Sweden has been producing premium mattresses with a component - based design philosophy tailored to meet your specific needs, for almost a century. The DUX goal is to help you achieve a deep, restful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.

A good night sleep is crafted. You choose your mattress, top pad, bed legs and headboard. DUX is fully tailored to meet your needs.

DUX brings the most technologially advanced beds to the luxury bed market including continuous coil suspension, the PASCAL support system (3003, 6006, 8008), Adjustable lumbar support (8008).

DUX at the AUDO Hotel Copenhagen DUX at the AUDO Hotel Copenhagen Anna Bedhead with Continental DUX 6006 Anna bedhead with Continental DUX 6006 Eden bedhead with Continental DUX 8008 303 mattress with BM base
303 mattress with BM base