Aston is a slender stackable chair. Thanks to the understated elegance of its sleek lines, it can reflect different personalities through the choice fabric and colour of metal frame. The slender silhouette gives ASTON its lightness, while minor details such as the fastenings that connect the legs and back are hidden in the construction. Some inspiration for Aston has been borrowed from the classic Thonet café chair, whose design remains as practical and appealing today as it has always been. ASTON is the very epitome of design that seeks to minimise the number of components and use techniques such as 3D bending without compromising appearance or comfort in any way.

“Aston is a lightweight construction with fantastic ergonomic properties and an innovative design that flirts with bygone times and styles. The 3D curve of the leg frame provides a natural ‘handle’ in the back, which makes the chair easy to move in public spaces. And there is flexibility, too, in the different finishes and alternatives,” says Johan Lindstén.

Available with and without armrests and upholstered seat. The backrest can be upholstered or with a rattan back in oak, white stained and black stained oak. Multicolour RAL finishes as standard.

Aston is a light 6.2 - 6.8 kg stackable char and a trolly is available.

Availabilty : 18 weeks


designer country of origin warranty
Johan Lindstén Sweden


Stackable Chair W 47 cm / D 45 cm / H 81 cm / SH 46 cm (6.2 kg)

Stackable Armchair W 49.5cm / D 45 cm / H 81 cm / SH 46 cm (6.8 kg)


The rattan back is available in oak, white stained oak and black stained oak.

Generous range of fabrics, leather and artificial leather. Johanson does not charge start-up costs for handling non-standard materials.

Multicolour - Finish RAL. Take part in Johanson's color range, 405 variants of different finishes are offered as standard on steel frames and metal details. Choose from;

195 Solid collection (gloss 72)

195 Structure collection (matte, textured surface) 

15 Pearl finish collection

The seat is made of wood and polyether. Foam which meets the highest fire classification CMHR- Combustion Modified High Resilience, is available for all models on request. The base is made of finished/ lacquerd metal.

Fire certificate.                                                                             Recycled Swedish steel / All steel parts are recyclable.
Before we finish the chrome/lacquer all grease/oil is removed by alkaline wash and then sent for destruction. The lacquering is produced by electrostatic epoxy powder coating that gives a minimum of waste. The electrostatic chrome (chrome 3) is recyclable. The plastic parts that are used are recyclable by grinding. All upholstery and frames of synthetic material are totally without C.F.C. emissions. All glue is water based.

Trolley available.


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Johan Lindstén

Johanson has enjoyed many years of close collaboration with Johan Lindstén. Johan Lindstén’s products are characterised by well-thought out design and unexpected details in a creative process that optimises function. Johan wants his designs to interact with their surroundings in a way that influences the mood of the user. He draws his inspiration from the most unlikely of sources, such as the lilac bush outside his home or the Ocean of Storms on the moon.