Bølling Tray Table

Designed by architect Hans Bølling in 1963 and crafted in Brdr. Krügers workshop in Denmark. A simple and highly function table which is easy to assemble and handle. ‘The stand needs the round trays to stand up. It all works together. Function and shape become more than just the sum of the parts.’ Hans Bølling.

The Bølling Tray now comes in 7 new colourways. The colours are selected for their tone-in-tone harmony and soft contrast, and to match the natural hues of the wood frame. Each colourway comes in a separate tray of two different colours- one on each side. The Bølling Tray Table holds two loose reversible trays, and each of them can be turned over for colour variation and a personal touch.

Available in two different dimensions that can be nested together, and serves a variety of practical, mobile and aesthetic purposes. Can be used in many ways – as a serving trolley, bar cart, bedside or side table

Price Guide : From $1661.00
Availabilty : 18 weeks


designer country of origin warranty
Hans Bølling Denmark 5 Years


Small: Ø 50cm / H 55cm / Tray H 3cm

Large: Ø 60cm /  H 52cm / Tray H 2.5cm



Beech Black Lacquered
Beech Oiled
Beech Untreated
Oak Black Lacquered
Oak Oiled
Oak Untreated
Fumed Oak
Walnut Oiled

Tray Colours;

Base - Black / White
Clay - Cognac / Black
Earth - Beige / Brown
Leaf - Green / Dark Green
Stone - Light Grey / Dark Grey
Sunny - Yellow / Cream
Water - Blue / Dark Blue


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Hans Bølling

Born in 1931, Hans Bølling has had a trailblazing career in architecture and design that began in the 1950s. He has been responsible for several iconic Danish designs and buildings throughout his lifelong career.

Hans Bølling attended Carpentry School before graduating as an architect from the Royal Danish Art Academy.


Hans Bølling, today in his 90s, remains active in his design work and works closely with Brdr. Krüger, continuing their collaboration for three generations of the Krüger family.