Pan Wall 95 & 50

Pan wall 95 and Pan wall 50 by Bent Karlby, 1970.

PAN WALL 95 is a generously sized wall lamp designed by Bent Karlby in 1970. The lamp emits ambient upward lighting that illuminates the exposed aluminium surface while leaving a beautiful light pattern on the wall paired with an intimate downlight. 

PAN WALL 50 has two internal light sources. Pointing in each direction, they ensure that both ends of the tubular shade emit equal amounts of soft directional light while also casting a beautiful pattern on the wall.

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Bent Karlby 1912 - 1998 Denmark


50 - H 60  x  W 5  x  D 6,6 cm

95 - H 36  x  W 9,5  x  D 11,1 cm




Natural matt anodized aluminium




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Bent Karlby 1912 - 1998

Bent Karlby is widely regarded today as one of Denmark’s most productive and versatile lighting designers of the 20th century. He started his collaboration with LYFA in the 1940s, which was a partnership that would last nearly four decades. Bent Karlby is known for his soft light, organic shapes and hallmark peepholes. During his career, Karlby moved more towards pure geometric shapes such as the cone, cylinder and arc along with playful colours. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Bent Karlby never employed staff in his studio. He wanted things done his way and was known for his uncompromising work ethics. 


Among his most famous works are the Peanut, China, Japan, Mosaik, Ninotchka, Barcelona and Pan pendants, the Ergo table lamp as well as the Peacock, Quadrille, Pan and Gothic wall lamps.