TMBO Lounge Chair, 1935

1935 is the date on the first draft of this sofa by the renowned multitalent and architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, which have now been revived under the name TMBO. The TMBO series, designed with a laid back confident attitude, celebrates life with the same dramatic simplicity that Magnus Læssøe Stephensen found in Japanese design tradition. The TMBO sofa and chair alike, with the significant curved form, send a promise to hold you whilst you lean back and enjoy.

Now available with footrest.

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Magnus Læssøe Stephensen Denmark


Lounge H: 87cm / W: 90cm / D: 69cm / Seat H: 39cm

Footrest H 34cm / W 49 cm 


Textile or leather upholstery & solid oakwood

Customized legs available in walnut & black stained oak


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Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

It was not meant as a compliment when old cabinetmakers called the young architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen “a revolutionary”. But in a sense they were right. His curating of the important Annual Guild Exhibition was one of the starting points of the “revolution”, which later came to be known as the Golden Age of Danish Design. As curator, Magnus Læssøe Stephensen banned the usual bourgeois polished mahogany drawing room interior from the exhibition. Instead he demanded that the cabinetmaker should cooperate with architects to present a vision of an entire interior for a two bedroom flat, like those most ordinary people were moving into! Bang! 


A new democratic mind-set, suggesting that design was about improving people’s lives, and a mind-set that resulted in an unpretentious aesthetic, where function and respect for craftsmanship is central. This aesthetic has since become synonymous with Nordic design.