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Ida Vikfors works her magic by blending materials, surfaces, and textures. In 'Savu,' varying surface levels generate shape transformations under different lighting and viewer perspectives. The outcome is a distinct, tactile, and geometric painting. This original artwork captivates with its minimalist yet intriguing essence, showcasing the perfection of shape and the beauty of simplicity.

Sand foam, pigments, chalk and acrylics

About the Artist
Ida Vikfors is a Finnish artist currently based in Sweden. Ida's work has a minimalist expression that focuses on creating different dimensions, with surfaces on which the eye can rest to remind the viewer to be present. She describes her art as a bit modest, where the light plays a significant role in the piece revealing itself.


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designer country of origin warranty


W 30cm / D 5cm / H 30cm


Sand foam, pigments, chalk and acrylics


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