Reflector Wall

As time is our most valuable asset, this daylight reflector aims to engage the viewer momentarily to reflect on the poetics of light and shape, time and space. It is meant to remind us to allow ourselves to be allured by occurring phenomena in our daily life.

The reflector casts volatile rays of reflected sunlight onto the surrounding surfaces. The kaleidoscopic visual illusion of the shape is puzzling for the viewer to see through the precise form. 

The bent reflections of light, shadow and colour on the mirrored curves' surface allow the viewer to perceive a distorted image of reality. 

The circular shape comes from the world of geometry and is inspired by the childish perception of the sun and moon as two-dimensional shapes. The stainless steel has been processed by hand. Each piece is unique, with minor irregularities that should be considered part of the individual design and handmade production process. 

Please enjoy a bit of poetic light reflection in your everyday life. 

Two pieces, sold as a pair.

About the Artist

Studio Fie Paarup was established in 2017 by designer Fie Paarup (1985).

The studio functions as a multifaceted design studio working in the intersection between art and design, primarily within lighting design, atmosphere and bespoke textile design. The studio always approaches every project with a sustainable design philosophy with respect for our planet and future generations.

In 2017 Fie created the prototype for what proved to become a high-demand design of drapes made from re-fabrics, focusing on the different transparencies and fibres in the qualities. Today clients must be willing to wait up to 6 months for a set of drapes created in the studio in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Throughout its existence, Studio Fie Paarup has joined forces with established high-profile companies such as Spacon and X, Gallerie Soussan, Nørr and Leo, Emil Journal, Søren Rose Studio, &Drape, Studio X Boutique, Klara Lilja, Yonobi Boutique, Hald and Ravnborg Architects as well as private residential projects all over the world.
And now added to the list is Fred International. 

Fie Paarup has her academic background from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, with a Master's degree in Architectural Lighting Design and a Bachelor's in Spatial and Furniture Design.

Price Guide : RRP $600.00
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designer country of origin warranty


Large Circle – W 14cm / H 20cm
Large Circle – W 11cm / H 15cm


Comes as two wall pieces, sold as a pair. Made from stainless and brass.

Hang with the brass nail near where sunlight can be reflected, but not near an open window for safety. 

Care instructions:
Keep clean by polishing the surface with rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. Use cotton gloves for extra caution when touching.
Wrap in a soft cloth to avoid scratches during transport.


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