Weighty and purposeful, with a sense of monumentalism, Carina Seth Andersson’s ceramics were originally intended as a complement to Fogia’s collection. What we’ve ended up with is far more exciting; passionate forms and vessels created in Italy by flame and hand. Stoneware with salt-glazed surface, making them shift in different colors of brown, with each one individual; they’re industrially made but utterly unique in every way. Monumental. And perfect for fruit, plants, novelties, umbrellas… This is true handcraft and therefore the objects may differ slightly from each other in color and form.

Price Guide : From $869.00
Availabilty : 18 weeks (Limited no. in stock)


designer country of origin warranty
Sweden/Italy 5 years


Ceramic Pot: W 34.3cm / D 28.8cm / H 25.7cm

Ceramic Planter: W 34.8 / D 28.8 / H 15.7cm

Ceramic Plate: W 52cm / D 46cm / H 15.7cm



Stoneware with salt-glazed surface


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