Charlie Modular Sofa

The close collaboration between Johanson and Färg and Blanche continues to produce results. This spring, for instance, marks a new stage in the development of the Parker concept, this time in the form of a modular sofa with the name Charlie.

“The idea for CHARLIE stems from the Parker Stool that we designed for Johanson some years ago. We were working on sketches for new modular sofa concepts when we realised that Parker stool had already laid the foundations for a whole new series of seating furniture. It was as simple as that!” say Färg and Blanche, when describing what led them to embark on this expansion of the series. After some experimentation with the “waist” ring that is the hallmark of the PARKER design, the new sofa was ready with an appearance to match that of the popular stool.

The ambition with CHARLIE has been to make it possible to create various configurations to suit different requirements. The current solution combines versatility and flexibility to ensure CHARLIE is at home in all sorts of settings while still retaining its own unique character.

Fire certificate and Mobelfakta certificate


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Färg & Blanche Sweden


Charlie  W 60 / D 77 / H 42 - 46 cm 

Charlie Corner W 77 / D 77 / H 42 - 46 cm

Charlie Corner 45 degrees W 58 / D 68 / H 42 - 46 cm

Charlie Corner 45 degrees with back W 61 / D 68 / H 71 - 75 / SH 42 - 46 cm

Charlie single W 60 / D 81 / H 71 - 75 / SH 42 - 46 / SD 52 cm

Charlie sofa W 60 / D 77 / H 71 - 75 / SH 42 - 46 / SD 52 cm

Charlie table W 60 / D 77 / H 27 - 31 cm

Charlie table XL W 77 / D 77 / H 27 - 31 cm

Charlie table 90 Ø 90 Ø / H 27 - 31 cm



Johanson offers a very generous range of fabrics, leather and artificial leather from the most reputable suppliers in the world. Should any other material be desired despite the wide selection, it is also possible to suggest other materials. Johanson does not charge start-up costs for handling non-standard materials.

Take part in Johanson's colour range, 405 variants of different finishes are offered as standard on steel frames and metal details. Choose from all 195 RAL colours, alternatives are available both as solid finish (gloss 72) or Structure finish which has a matte, slightly textured elegant surface. In addition, 15 RAL colours with pearl finish and chrome are offered.

195 Solid collection (gloss 72) / 195 Structure collection (matte, textured surface) / 15 Pearl finish collection and chrome.

Laminates - White / black / light grey / oak / birch / wedge / walnut ash 

Oak Birth and Ash veneer

Formica collection colours

The seat is made of wood and polyether. Foam which meets the highest fire classification CMHR- Combustion Modified High Resilience, is available for all models on request. The base is made of finished/ lacquerd metal. 

All steel parts are recyclable. Before we finish the chrome/lacquer all grease/oil is removed by alkaline wash and then sent for destruction. The lacquering is produced by electrostatic epoxy powder coating that gives a minimum of waste. The electrostatic chrome (chrome 3) is recyclable. The plastic parts that are used are recyclable by grinding. All upholstery and frames of synthetic material are totally without C.F.C. emissions. All glue is water based.

Fire certificate & Mobelfakta certificate


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Färg & Blanche

Stockholm based design studio Färg and Blanche is known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other.


They effortlessly move between the exclusive hand made one off and the industrially produced, without ever losing their distinctive touch. We are proud to present a new collaboration, Norma — a series with a strong identity.