Lindy Tables

This discreet yet distinctive feature is a small cast aluminum coupling that connects the upper part of the frame to the legs. The elegantly constructed metal under-frame boasts organic lines, while the coupling—available in contrasting or matching colours, finished in textured lacquer, or in anodised aluminium—adds a special touch to the overall expression.

Lindy is versatile, serving as a café, bar, dining, or conference table, available in various heights and sizes with a wide selection of tabletop options.

"We anticipate users discovering countless applications for Lindy across diverse environments, from restaurants and hotels to schools, workplaces, and homes," say Färg and Blanche.

Multicolor - Finish RAL

Johanson's color range offers 405 variants of finishes for steel frames and metal details. Choose from all 195 RAL colors, available in solid gloss (72) or matte structured finishes. Additionally, 15 RAL colors feature a pearl finish, along with chrome options.

195 Solid collection (gloss 72)

195 Structure collection (matte, textured surface)

15 Pearl finish collection and chrome.

Availabilty : 18 weeks


designer country of origin warranty
Färg & Blanche Sweden


Lindy 3 Leg Small: W 48 x D 43 Ø 56 cm, Height options: 47, 57, 72, 90, 110 cm

Lindy 3 Leg Medium: W 65 x D 57 Ø 75 cm, Height options: 47, 57, 72, 90, 110 cm

Lindy 3 Leg Large: W 84 x D 74 Ø 97 cm, Height options: 47, 57, 72, 90, 110 cm

Lindy 4 Leg Small: W 41 x D 41 cm, Height options: 47, 57, 72, 90, 110 cm

Lindy 4 Leg Medium: W 55 x D 55 cm, Height options: 47, 57, 72, 90, 110 cm

Lindy 4 Leg Large: W 70 x D 70 cm, Height options: 47, 57, 72, 90, 110 cm


20-50% Recycled Swedish steel. All steel parts are recyclable. Before chrome/lacquer application, all grease/oil is removed via alkaline wash and then disposed of. Lacquering utilises electrostatic epoxy powder coating, minimising waste. Recyclable electrostatic chrome (chrome 3) is used. Plastic parts are recyclable through grinding. Synthetic upholstery and frames emit zero C.F.C. emissions and utilise water-based glue.

Each leg features a plastic glider.


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Färg & Blanche

Stockholm based design studio Färg and Blanche is known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other.


They effortlessly move between the exclusive hand made one off and the industrially produced, without ever losing their distinctive touch. We are proud to present a new collaboration, Norma — a series with a strong identity.