Angel 3 Chandelier Pendant

Angel 3 Chandelier pendant is available in 3 sizes 300, 500, 1000mm and you can set up to 4 different lengths.  Making it a stunning and versatile pendant.

Made from brass or iron and finished with black lacquer or available in steel or brass.

Availabilty : Coming soon


designer country of origin warranty
Niclas Hoflin Sweden


Angel 3 - 300. Choose between 4 different total heights

V1: H 740 - W 315
V2: 890 - W 315
V3: H 1340 - W 315
V4: H 1790 - W 315C


Angel 3 - 500. Choose between 4 different total heights

V1: H 945 - W 315
V2: 1095 - W 315
V3: H 1545 - W 315
V4: H 1995 - W 315


Angel 3- 1000. Choose between 4 different total heights

V1: H 1455 - W 415
V2: H 1605 - W 415
V3: H 2055 - W 415
V4: H 2505 - W 415



Black lacquered


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Niclas Hoflin

Niclas Hoflin is founder, designer and maker at Rubn, a Swedish lighting company that successfully marries contemporary Scandinavian design with age-old manufacturing techniques. Hoflin’s fascination with light began in his childhood, however it wasn’t until the age of 30 that he found his calling as a designer; a calling he takes seriously.

“If you wish to pursue life as a designer, you have a responsibility,” he says. “You have a responsibility to design things that actually work, that give people value for money, and that improve their lives.” This highly considered approach fuels the creation of each new Rubn light.


While Hoflin is passionate about the value of design, he is also aware that it only plays a supporting role in helping people achieve greatness. “A lamp is just a lamp – but if it gives you the light that you need in that moment, then a lamp is everything…and I have succeeded as a designer.”