Welcome Halycon Lake to our Surry Hills showroom

Welcome to Halcyon Lake: Where Rugs and Artistry Unite

For the very first time, Halcyon Lake proudly presents a handpicked selection of exquisite rugs, elegantly complemented by Fred's distinctive Scandinavian furniture and lighting collections, all on display in our Surry Hills showroom.

Established in 1984, Halcyon Lake, a Melbourne-based enterprise, is renowned for sourcing and creating handcrafted rugs and carpets from across the globe. Their journey in the industry has been marked by a commitment to unique, top-tier designs, underpinned by a contemporary and forward-thinking philosophy. Each of their products is meticulously crafted using traditional methods and natural materials, culminating in sustainable pieces that pay homage to the artistry of rug making.

Unveiling The Chromatic Collection

The latest offering, The Chromatic Collection, is a testament to the beauty of time-honored techniques from Central Anatolia, Turkey. This collection introduces four designs that reimagine classic border and check patterns, infusing them with subtle tonal nuances, intricate detailing, and our signature flat woven edge. Meticulously woven, each rug undergoes an extensive seven-step washing process, revealing the natural sheen and variegation of the wool. The Chromatic Rug Collection perfectly captures the fusion of simplicity and craftsmanship, encapsulating the essence of dedication and artistry that goes into each rug.

'The Chromatic Collection, although understated in appearance, is the result of a meticulous development process. From concept inception to initial sampling and the intricate process of color refinement, these handcrafted rugs embody a quiet elegance. Inspired by nature, the curated color palette offers rich and earthy tones that enhance any space without overpowering it.'

  • Chromatic: In stock in 4 sizes & 19 colours
  • Chromatic Check: In stock in 5 colorways
  • Chromatic Duo 1: In stock in 4 colorways

    Custom orders available in up to 19 colors, with lead times of approximately 16 - 18 weeks.


Meet Beat Basics

Hailing from Germany, our expert rug maker has been crafting by hand since 1840. From shearing to the finished product, we maintain rigorous quality control, ensuring the use of the finest raw materials and the highest weaving standards. By employing pure New Zealand wool, we strive to refine our crafting process to minimize environmental impact. The result is a meticulously crafted, textural rug that's durable and easy to maintain. Each piece is woven by hand in Morocco and boasts reversibility, allowing for extended wear.

  • In stock in 5 colors
  • Available in 250 x 350 cm and 300 x 400 cm

We eagerly await your visit to our Surry Hills showroom, where you can experience the captivating charm of these exceptional collections firsthand.